A Thousand Happiness

What happened on 9 January 2009

The day I laughed like a madman!

I just wanna laugh. I was 1000% happy. My most wanted thing for two years appeared in front of my face! Totally unpredictable.

It started 28 months ago…

28 months ago I read a book review on a magazine. I fell in love with the book and I decided to have it.
But, here came the main problem.
If I wanted to, I could get the original book (I mean, the untranslated version) but I thought it was a waste of time, money, and energy. Why? Because I would never be able to read it. It was written in a language completely incomprehensible for me especially with its complicated writing system… (I know the language poorly. Not sufficient enough to read a book T.T)
Desperately I searched whether it had been translated into English or into my mother tongue but it turned zero result. I found the e-book version but since it was not complete (just one chapter!) and I wanted the physical book (I use eyeglasses, not good for me to stare monitor in a long time), I didn’t download it (I also doubted the copyright status…)

And when my hope faded, voila! The book was displayed on the “new release” section in my favorite bookstore, in my mother tongue!! Omigosh! I grabbed it, laughed and smiled like a madman in the book store–but the hell with that! I found the book I had dreamed of since 28 months ago, so I thought my reaction was normal 😀

Thanks God, You granted one of my simple wish.. (anyway, for one reason and another, I wouldn’t review the book… ^^)

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One thought on “A Thousand Happiness

  1. evy02

    ..buku apa sih, dhib?? misterius banget!! .. khe khe khe 😛

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