The Color of Love is…

If somebody asks you what the color of love is, what will your answer be? Red? Pink? Yellow? Blue?

Hm.. Personally, I think love is white.


Yes, just white. Simply white. Any color–no matter how fade it is–will clearly visible if it lies on white.

A shade of pink which sometimes appears and dissapears is the heartbeat when I meet my beloved.

The purple lines are missing and loneliness

The deep red blots appear when we have a conflict upon jealousy

The sparkling yellow in the corner consists of his smile and laugh

And then… the bluish traces which are difficult to erase were left by the tears when parted.

Sometimes, it is difficult to wash away those blue traces. But one day, no matter how deep they are right now, other colors will come and replace…

Well, isn’t love like that? Emotional.

Anger, sadness, happiness, and joy. Sometimes it isn’t clear which emotion lies upon which one. And no matter how hard you try to hide the feeling, since love is white, your feeling will definitely appear…

The original version is written by Velisha in Good Day Monster, Animonster #71 March 2005. Translated with several adjustments here and there.

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