Wedding Tragedy

Once upon a time,

It was raining cats and dogs. Two girls under an umbrella were running toward a building. They wanted to attend a wedding ceremony of their friend. The occassion would be held at 09.00 am, but since they wanted to meet the friend first, they went at 08.00 am.

Everything seemed OK. Since the wedded couple were still preparing, the two girls waited patiently in the hall. Somehow, they felt “don’t belong” to that place since the guests seemed alien to them. However, they ignored that feeling.

And then, Thanatos played his scythe almost mercilessly… The girls were almost ashamed to death.

They were asked to fill the guestbook, and guess what? The tagline on it showed that the couple were 100% totally perfect strangers to them. The girls did not know the couple at all… Realizing the mistake, silently and subtly they left, 100% confused.

They were sure that they came to the right place. Or… Did their friend change the date or the time? Impossible. If so, the bride would tell them. And suddenly an enlightenment popped. They went to the wrong hall. They went to Hall C while they were suppossed to go to Hall A. They laughed realizing their stupidity.

How could they make mistake, while the hall was there since a very long time ago, even long before they moved to that city? Furthermore, they almost everyday passed the street in front of the hall. Well, both halls were located in a row in the same block. Both were located in the end of that block, Hall A was on the left end, while Hall C was on the right end. Both shared the similar name.. Perhaps those facts made the two girls do not realize that they went to the wrong place.

Laughing to death, the two girls ran to the other side. Luckily, the rain had stopped. Although a bit late, they still could attend the ceremony safely. The newly-wed couple, when they were told by both girls after the ceremony, laughed wholeheartedly…

What a perfect embarassment.

And one of the girl was… me. Hikz…

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