Why Do Fireflies Die So Young??–Setsuko, Hotaru no Haka

What happened on 23 January 2009

That afternoon, I went to a hospital on a suburban area because my friend was hospitalized there. Glad to know she was getting better and could go home the next day… 🙂

Anyway.. I went back at 06.00 pm, and  all the amazement started.. There were fireflies. Yes, fireflies.. and lots of them! They were flying in the dark, created floating blocks of small-and-blinking lights in the dark… (It was so beautiful that I can’t find any suitable word to describe..)

I really couldn’t believe my eyes. It seems impossible for me to see fireflies flying directly in front of me. I couldn’t believe in such area I could find living fireflies-the fragilest insect on this globe (I think…).

For you who always see them everyday, it is not a big stuff, isn’t it? But for me, it is different. From the time I was born 22 years ago to 23 January 2009 before 06.00 pm, I never saw any of them before…It was my first experience of witnessing flying and living fireflies.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring camera. But someday, I’ll return to that place and hopefully can take pictures of them, the most incredible insect I’ve ever seen…

Anyway… why are fireflies always connected to separation? Is it because their life span is so short? Their light, although small, is very beautiful. And they still show this light although they know that tomorrow they maybe die… Thinking that they keep showing their light proudly although they only have short time to “show off ” their beauty  makes me ponder: Have I already given my best in my life–which is [of course] longer than the life of fireflies?

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