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L’Arc~en~Ciel World Tour 2012 — Jakarta!!

The English version is available here.

4… 3… 2… 1…

They said: Hello Jakarta!!!!
We all replied: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! (100x louder than them, hehehehe..)

Begitu L’Arc~en~Ciel (aka Laruku) naik panggung untuk pertama kalinya….
Reaksi pertamaku: nangis! (nah loh!) I’ve never ever dreamed that I’ll be able to watch them perform right before my eyes, LIVE!
Reaksi kedua: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Reaksi ketiga: jingkrak-jingkrak sambil nyanyi dan waving light stick di tangan kayak orang kesurupan (berarti, orang-orang se-Lapangan D malam itu kesurupan smua, hehehe… )

Thanks berat buat temenku dari kantor sebelah yang sudah “membujuk”-ku (baca: setengah memaksa) untuk nonton konser ini. Nda nyesel banget dah pokoknya. Perjuangan susah payah biar bisa beli tiket AirAsia tanpa perlu ngerepotin orang lain, juga lari-lari nyari kendaraan ke bandara, plus berdesakan antre berjam-jam pas mau masuk venue terbayar manis dengan performance mereka. Damn good!!! >,<

Yang paling bikin aku histeris adalah… INI: The Closest Distance Between Him and Me, Ever!!! (meski ada jarak 100m-an sih.. tapi gapapa ah.. :D)

Hyde, the closest distance ever!!!

Juga pas nyanyi lagu Chase, XXX, Ready Steady Go, Forbidden Lover, My Heart Draws a Dream, err.. apalagi yah.. f(O,o) semuanyaaaaaaa!!!!!! >,<

Anyway, ini konser gedhe pertamaku, dan aku puas banget. Meski cuma dapet tiket premium, meski ada beberapa komen yang bilang kalo rada mengecewakan karena lagu ini itu ga dinyanyiin, meski di 2 lagu terakhir pada ngrangsek maju, dan meski ada 1-2 lagu yang aku ga kenal (maklum, jadi Le Cieler baru sepuluh tahun), menurutku pribadi sih konsernya keren.. XD Worth it, harus tidur di bandara demi ngejar flight terpagi biar ga telat masuk kantor pun rela!

Bahkan sampai sekarang pun masih kebayang… Sakaw, pengen kembali ke atmosfer 2 Mei di Lapangan D Senayan kemarin, hehehe… XD

Btw, they said that they will be back (and as a respond of course we all screamed like crazy)
Ditunggu!! Next tour, berusaha biar bisa dapat tiket VIP!!! >,< Amen!

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Election, eh?

Phew… 2 days before the D-day, campaign attributes are all taken from public areas. It makes me happy, at least I don’t have to see hundreds posters or banners of unidentified (read: alien / unknown) DPR (the House of Representatives) candidates telling promises [or, I believe, lies]

Well, actually I feel a bit sceptic about election. Um… on 30 March 2009, I watched a news program on TV and at least 7 “unfortunate events” were broadcasted. They were:

1. Party X destroyed the attributes of party Y without any permission, because that party (X) would use the nearby area for their campaign.
2. The national campaign spokeperson of a party arrived late. Three hours lateness, finally massa decided to leave the area before his arrival. [Good choice, I think :P]
3. Two candidates of a party were sentenced to a 6-month in prison because they had a campaign in a mosque on January 2009.
4. A candidate wa scaught on tape performing a bit “wild” dance with dangdut singer invited to the campaign.
5. A party gave away Rp.10,000 each for its supporters. Meanwhile, at another place and time, a party was also caught on tape giving away a cellphone each for its supporters. When they were confirmed, both parties insisted that it wasn’t money politics. [Hmm… But we DID see it…]
6. Another way of campaign. A party held a competition of eating cakes and something else like a festival of independence day we usually have here. They promised to give TV for the winner but in fact the prizes were different from what they had promised. Most of the participants felt disappointed and cancelled joining the game. When they were confirmed, simply they said, “We were disapponted. We don’t know what will happen if the candidate of this party becomes the member of DPR, since in this small event they already betrayed us…”
7. The Commission of the Election (KPU) smelled something fishy. In an area, some Elementary Students were listed as voters. Some other areas had several deceased persons listed. On the other hand, some ballots couldn’t be used since they already had check mark…

Hoh! All of those facts really makes me tired of election. Moreover, I read a polling on a newspaper yesterday (6 April 2009) and the answers of the 19 questions given about the work of DPR-RI from 2004-2009 were “not satisfactory” [click here to read the result–in Bahasa Indonesia]. Aaaaargh! Why is politics soooo… complicated?

Anyway, I’m thinking about sumthin else too. About the ballots.
The ballots contain the name of all the DPR candidates. Oh, it can take [at least] 50cm in length and 50cm in height (Umm… it is around 0.25 square meter, eh?). As far as I know, there will be around 2 or 3 ballots given to each voters (since we have to vote for the members of National House of Representative [DPR-RI] and 2 Regional DPR aka DPRD [Not sure about the number, though.. am I right? *questioning stare*]
OK. Lets say there are two ballots per voters, it means 0,5 square meter of paper is used. Now, how many eligible voters are there? Millions! Hah.. how many square meters of paper will be used? [not counting the not-usable ballots] I think it will take 500,000 square meter of paper per a million voters. If there are 12 millions, just multiply it by 12. Now, how many trees should be cut? How many degrees of the temperature of this globe will rise?
Perhaps, I’m a bit hyperbolic, but I think it’s logical enough…

Anyway, back to the first topic. I am, seeing those series of “unfortunate events” and the unsatisfactory work of DPR, more convinced to be a golput [Golongan Putih aka Abstain]. Furthermore, I am not sure whether the new members of DPR could make it better.. [regarding the mentality and morality of Indonesian people.. T_T]

Well, what do you think? Should I be one? *thinking…*

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Low Blood Pressure Demon Lady T.T

… aka “Ratu Iblis Darah Rendah”
Sounds familiar perhaps? Huakakakaka… *dilempar meja ma Bisco Hatori n Kyouya Otori ^^* (FYI, please read Bisco Hatori’s Ouran High School Host Club)

[Ah, ngga segitunya ding.. Aku ngga separah Kyouya. Dibangunin paksa pagi-pagi pun, walo cuma tidur 3 jam, daku ga bakalan berserk kaya Kyouya kok… ^,^;] Hmmm… sejak jaman baheula, aku memang tergolong manusia yang punya tekanan darah yang sedikit lebih rendah dari manusia normal pada umumna. Rendah sih iya, tapi masih bisa dibawa hidup aktif bersama temen2 sih…

But, recently, I was too over-excited in living my life. I was so stubborn (and paid less attention perhaps..) that I couldn’t read the signal my body delivered. I was too excited with my new daily activities; thus, in the end, my body protested me using its own way… a week ago.

Saturday, 8 march 2009.  I went home (finally…) after almost a month I spent my days in my lodging and campus. What a relief to be able to go home. But, that afternoon I felt a terrible headache anytime I got up from my seat. Oow.. bad sign, I thought ( o_O ) And… Voila! The family’s doctor said that my blood pressure dropped down a bit because I was too exhausted and didn’t have enough rest.. Okay, I admitted that I didn’t have enough sleep since several weeks before. Almost everynight in a month I slept no earlier than 01:00 am.. T_T (and my Mum got berserk hearing my confession, hikz..)

The doctor asked me to take a rest that day and the next day and the day after. What could I do except obey, eh? But that  was only a plan.. On Sunday, 9 March 2009, my friends came. Hohohoho… I thanked God since we didn’t go anywhere and just spent the time in my house (since, if my friends came, they usually asked me to accompany them to the beach). That day I spent safely without anything disturbing. My headache had gone, blown away by the ocean breeze, hehehehe… 😀

Monday, 10 March 2009. I felt much better and thus I decided to help my Mum having a ‘garage sale’ (aka “ngloakin barang2” hehehe…). I spent almost half a day on it, took heavily-loaded boxes from here to there, packed and unpacked… What a day. Perfect, though. I was fine. No headache or sumthin like that. Safe, I thought..

The next day, Tuesday 11 March 2009. I went back to my lodging since I had something very important to do that evening. I had an appointment and I had to fulfill it-lah. Stupid me. After reaching my destination, I didn’t go to my lodging at the first place. Instead, I roamed around the city then decided to go to a book store and spent almost the whole afternoon there, searched for good books. That night I slept at 01:00 am again, and I had a feeling that something wrong would happen to me…

And it was true. Wednesday, 12 March 2009. I got a terrible headache again till I couldn’t get up. Actually, I had to do something at 07:00 am and 09:00 am, but since I really couldn’t get up, I had to cancel it. Huhuw… I really felt terrible. Luckily, I still had the medicine. After taking it, BLUGH!! I was “knocked down” again till 12:10 pm, sleept well. However, at 01:00 pm I forced my self to go to campus because I had to meet someone and I had cancelled the meeting twice before. I felt bad if I didn’t come. And so I went.

Hohoho.. learning from my stupid mistake, I went to bed at 08:00 pm and the next day, Thursday 12 March 2009, all was well. All went well, except the fact that one of my teacher gave me a bar of my favorite chocolate since she heard that I was knocked down the day before… *Bu Hani, thank you… :)*

Well, I guess I get an invaluable lesson from that experience.  I have to be less stubborn and have to pay more attention to my own body’s message… *my body, I’m so sorry.. m(_ _)m*

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Why Do Fireflies Die So Young??–Setsuko, Hotaru no Haka

What happened on 23 January 2009

That afternoon, I went to a hospital on a suburban area because my friend was hospitalized there. Glad to know she was getting better and could go home the next day… 🙂

Anyway.. I went back at 06.00 pm, and  all the amazement started.. There were fireflies. Yes, fireflies.. and lots of them! They were flying in the dark, created floating blocks of small-and-blinking lights in the dark… (It was so beautiful that I can’t find any suitable word to describe..)

I really couldn’t believe my eyes. It seems impossible for me to see fireflies flying directly in front of me. I couldn’t believe in such area I could find living fireflies-the fragilest insect on this globe (I think…).

For you who always see them everyday, it is not a big stuff, isn’t it? But for me, it is different. From the time I was born 22 years ago to 23 January 2009 before 06.00 pm, I never saw any of them before…It was my first experience of witnessing flying and living fireflies.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring camera. But someday, I’ll return to that place and hopefully can take pictures of them, the most incredible insect I’ve ever seen…

Anyway… why are fireflies always connected to separation? Is it because their life span is so short? Their light, although small, is very beautiful. And they still show this light although they know that tomorrow they maybe die… Thinking that they keep showing their light proudly although they only have short time to “show off ” their beauty  makes me ponder: Have I already given my best in my life–which is [of course] longer than the life of fireflies?

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A Thousand Happiness

What happened on 9 January 2009

The day I laughed like a madman!

I just wanna laugh. I was 1000% happy. My most wanted thing for two years appeared in front of my face! Totally unpredictable.

It started 28 months ago…

28 months ago I read a book review on a magazine. I fell in love with the book and I decided to have it.
But, here came the main problem.
If I wanted to, I could get the original book (I mean, the untranslated version) but I thought it was a waste of time, money, and energy. Why? Because I would never be able to read it. It was written in a language completely incomprehensible for me especially with its complicated writing system… (I know the language poorly. Not sufficient enough to read a book T.T)
Desperately I searched whether it had been translated into English or into my mother tongue but it turned zero result. I found the e-book version but since it was not complete (just one chapter!) and I wanted the physical book (I use eyeglasses, not good for me to stare monitor in a long time), I didn’t download it (I also doubted the copyright status…)

And when my hope faded, voila! The book was displayed on the “new release” section in my favorite bookstore, in my mother tongue!! Omigosh! I grabbed it, laughed and smiled like a madman in the book store–but the hell with that! I found the book I had dreamed of since 28 months ago, so I thought my reaction was normal 😀

Thanks God, You granted one of my simple wish.. (anyway, for one reason and another, I wouldn’t review the book… ^^)

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