Behind the Screen

“Nefertiti Sang Ardhanaresvari”

Hahahaha… Kidding. That’s only the name of this page. It is derived from Nefertiti (pronounced as /nafrati:ta/) meaning “the beautiful one has arrived” and Sanskrit’s Sang Ardhanaresvari meaning “the ultimate woman“. Anyway, my real name is N. A. Angayomi. It is a combination of Arabic and Javanese which means “the Light that Protects” (nice, isn’t it? :D).

I like archaeology, history, and myths. I also fond of traditional stuff (dance, music, song…). I am interested in the history of ancient civilization (Egypt, Greece, Roman, Mesopotamia, … – you name it!), Atlantis (hey! I really want to know where it was once located!), myths (Scandinavian, Norse, Celtic, Greek, Roman, etc-you name it [again] ^^). I love those stuff but my knowledge on them is very limited since sometimes I am occupied by those papers piling in front of my face, hikz… T_T. So, I’ll be very thankful if you want to share what you know about it with me.. 🙂

Besides, I like manga and anime so much. I collect several titles of manga. For anime.. sometimes I just read the review on a magz. I will watch if only I like it. Hummm… I also like reading novels and listening to music (J-rock, classic, pop, …). I like watching movie too but it doesn’t mean that I am a movie-goer, since I am a “picky” person. I’ll go to a cinema if only I really like the movie showing there.

I also love writing, not academic writing though.. I love creative writing. That’s why I create this blog, although I am not sure whether I can update my account here regularly.. Thus, it is normal if I suddenly “disappear” for several weeks (or months, and even years).. T_T (and leave this blog untouched…)

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